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Guangxi Guijie Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is located in Jiluo Town, Xixiang Tang District, Nanning City, Guangxi, which is known as the "hometown of bananas" in China. It is a leading private agricultural industrialization enterprise with citrus planting as the leading industry。The company was founded in 2007, currently has 12 production bases, planting a total area of nearly 20,000 mu of land, including the planting of Mogu orange, Tangerine, sugar orange and other citrus varieties, technical cooperation with surrounding farmers more than 6000 mu, the annual output value of 1.36亿元。



The company was founded in 2007


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2023-07-15 11:26

Guangxi Tangan polishing international signboard (Take the road of characteristic development)

In Qunnan Village, Jiluo Town, Xixiang Tang District, Nanning City, a continuous citrus planting base of more than 2300 acres is carrying out the picking and post-harvest sorting and packaging of citrus, which is one of the citrus bases of Guangxi Guijie Agricultural Development Co., LTD。"The picking of this season of tangerine began in December last year, and the picking time will continue until May this year by optimizing planting management and cross-peak listing.。"Said Liang Chun, general manager of Guangxi Guijie Agricultural Development Co., LTD。 "Before the introduction of Tangerine in Guangxi, most of the citrus varieties mature from September to December, lack of fine late-maturing varieties mature from January to March, the harvesting period is too concentrated, and 'selling orange is difficult' sometimes occurs.。Zhao Hongtao, deputy director of the Citrus Research Office of the Institute of Horticulture of the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that after the introduction of high-quality citrus late-maturing varieties in Guangxi, the variety structure has been optimized and the overall benefit of the citrus industry has been improved。In 2020, the planting area of Guangxi Tangerine has reached more than 1.6 million mu, accounting for about 60% of the country, and the Guangxi Tangerine industry has developed into a ten-billion yuan agricultural industry, becoming an important industry to promote rural revitalization。

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2022-09-28 14:13

Academician Deng Xiuxin went to Guangxi to investigate the development of citrus industry

From April 26 to 28, Academician Deng Xiuxin, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, chief scientist of the National citrus industry technology system, and academician advisor to the President of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and his team members visited Guangxi to investigate the citrus industry and held a symposium。Autonomous region Agriculture and Rural Department chief agronomist Li Ruping, former Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences president Bai Xianjian researcher, autonomous region fruit station chief Liang Shengji, Guangxi citrus innovation team chief researcher Deng Chongling and other research together。

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2022-08-23 11:12

Xixiangtang District of Nanning plans to build a scientific workstation to boost the development of citrus industry

8月17日,Nanning Xixiangtang District Party Committee United Front Work Department, Xixiangtang District Industry and Commerce Alliance Party group, Xixiangtang District Science and Technology Party branch, Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences Agricultural products Processing Institute Party branch, Guangxi Coffee Association Party branch,Organize party members, cadres and technical backbone to Guangxi Guijie Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. to carry out the "Party flag pilot technology guidance" research and exchange,Seek common development of enterprise citrus industry,A blueprint was drawn for the deep integration of government, research and enterprise branch construction with rural revitalization。

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